Soosie Cue - Fraîche Talent DJ FF#22

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Sue Hahn aka Soosee Cue, began DJ-ing at the tender age of 56, her enthusiasm, dedication and constant positive vibes, should be an inspiration to us all. In the short time she’s been DJ-ing, she’s already picked up a steady stream of gigs and a vast music collection, a true Joy to the music scene, we’re super excited to have Sue come and play at our forthcoming Fèmmme Fraîche on april 27th as our Fresh Talent DJ. Soosee Cue has also compiled a disco-tastic Spotify playlist for us, a sample taster of the musical treats she’ll be delivering at her set and serves as our 8th installment of our ‘Friday Feels’ curated playlists - scroll down to the bottom for the playlist, but first check out our interview with Soosee Cue, below to get the ins-and-outs of her DJ life.



Hey Soosee, thanks for having a little chat to us and for the Fab Discofied spotify playlist (below!) So first up, When did you first start DJing?

I pressed play in public for the first time ever in an upstairs room of a Shoreditch pub on 5 November 2017

and what it that inspired you to take to the decks?

A solo hol to Menorca at the tender broken-hearted age of 56 (WTF?!), glass of cava in hand (not my first of the day) found me chatting to the poolside DJ underneath a hot Spanish sun shining out of the bluest of skies. Not the start of a holiday romance but the start of a love affair with playing out music to whoever wants to dance with me. I had no idea of the equipment under the DJ’s fingertips (having been brought up on record players, cassette tapes and CDs) but the flashing buttons, slider things, bits I had no idea what to call and the sound the DJ was creating for the glistening bodies dancing and smiling in the sunshine had me hooked and I just had to find out how I could create the same magic.

We absolutely love that story! And whoever said 56 isn't the perfect age to pick up DJ-ing? certainly not us and you're carving a great way for yourself already. So tell us a little about your journey so far.

Gosh well after graduating from London Sound Academy DJ school it’s been quite a hither and thither of a journey so far, cueing all sorts of music on all sorts of decks and pressing that play button in all sorts of places: pubs, bars and clubs across London, in Maidstone, Oxford and Ibiza; and at festivals on the Isle of Wight (Mondomix) and Mayrhofen, Austria. I’m meeting fascinating people all the time and their stories are so inspirational.

We think your story is an inspirational one! So what's been your highlight gig so far?

Every gig has been a highlight as well as pretty special too. Playing back to back with another DJ is great fun. I love music, love collecting it, love listening to it, love talking about it, love playing it out and of course love dancing to it with everyone else.

All pretty great reasons to be a DJ we'd say. So where would you like to see your DJ career take you?

I’m still quite a newbie, so am content at the moment playing different music at different venues, practicing my musical art and learning from each gig. For the future I’d love to be part of a brand that is just starting out and be one of the reasons for its success.

That sounds like a wonderful aspiration! What musical treats can we expect from you on Saturday 27th April?

STUDIO 54 DISCO CLASSICS! In the words of Silver Convention: Get Up and Boogie (That’s Right) I’m so excited to be playing for Femmme Fraiche. We're going to have the fabest of times together - dancing, singing, striking a pose! CANNOT WAIT X

We're super excited to have you! It's going to be FAB indeed! So there you have it, get your sassy asses to the mothership Superstore and come down early to catch Soosie Cue's, Studio 54 medley - listen below for a sample of her set and don't forget to support her by following her socials just below!