The musical backbone of our clubnights, our four resident DJ's are Michelle Manetti , Sandra Le, Darren Skene and Linzi Symons. Michelle and Sandra take care of the basement booty bangers, with a spicy selection of jackin’, pulsating, dirty, sweaty dance music, comprising of House, Acid and Techno jams. While our duo of Fraîchness Linzi and Darren tickle and tweak your nipples upstairs in the bar with a selection of your favourite guilty pleasures and musical delights - a kitsch-as-tits, mish-mash, melting-pot, of your party faves, from trash-pop to yacht rock, post punk to riot grrrl, electroclash, disco sleaze, 80s cheese, 90’s r&b and the odd hairspray ballad thrown in for good measure. Two floors of twisted music to suit everyone's taste.