Natascha Kann - Headline DJ FF#22

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On Saturday 27th April, the week after Easter, Berlin based DJ and resident of Berlins infamous ://about blank Natascha Kann will be bringing her blend of Chicago House, Detroit Techno and Acid to our Lazerpit at Dalston Superstore for what will be our 22nd edition of Fèmmme Fraîche.

We had a quick chat with Natascha, to get a little lowdown before their set at Fèmmme Fraîche,  

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Hi Natascha, we’re super excited and honoured to have you in the Basement of Superstore for our next Fèmmme Fraîche party and thanks for having a chat with us.

So let’s take it right back to the beginning. So you’re based in Berlin and everyone know’s Berlin is famed for is Music scene, impeccable clubs and 24 hour parties, so it’s no wonder you moved there in 2011; but you’re originally from the post-industrial Ruhr in West Germany. How was the music scene over there and how did it influence your early stages into the world of Electronic Music?

Thank you for inviting me! It was totally different than in Berlin. We often went to Düsseldorf or Cologne because better parties were happening there. In Dortmund where I come from, there were a few clubs but all of them closed after a few years. In summer I loved going to Pollerwiesen open air. It was in the Jugendpark in Cologne and my favorite party. Not more than 150 or 200 people. Two turntables, a mixer and two big speakers. You could bring your own drinks and and didn’t have to pay for the entry. It was amazing. My first time was in 2002 and it was CSD weekend in the city. After a couple of years it became more and more commercial and now it’s a big event with only the biggest headliners. In Düsseldorf was a club that I really liked called Harpune . There were sometimes afterhour parties on Sundays which was cool because it was rare that clubs were still open on Sunday afternoon.

So tell us then, how and when did you get your first ever DJ gig?

My first gig was January 2015 at Schwuz in Berlin. I played a b2b set with my friend Rotciv who organized that for me. It was a great night and all my friends came. Only good memories about that night.

Nice, Schwuz is a lovely venue for your first gig! Ok so can you remember the first vinyl you ever bought?

Yes, that was Alter Ego - Betty Horse. I bought it even though I didn’t yet have a turntable to play it on.

Offft, that's a right banger and a perfect start to what I imagine is a tasty collection! Now ://about blank, where you hold your residency, is known as a venue that champions vinyl puritanism and is among many of Berlin’s venues and DJ’s that favour vinyl, it’s an age old topic, but what are you’re views on Vinyl vs Digital DJ’s.

At the beginning I only played vinyl but now I switch between vinyl and usb. But I still prefer vinyl because it feels way better. On the other hand you have different opportunities with the cdj’s which is also fun. But today most of the Dj’s only play usb and in some clubs they don’t have a set up for vinyl or they have a really bad set up, so it’s always good to have the usb’s just in case.

Totally. So outside of ://about blank, what are your other favourite clubs to play in Berlin?

My favorite club to play in Berlin next to ://about blank is definitely Tresor. I really like the Globus floor and the sound system. Everything is super professional and I always feel welcome. The people who work there are really caring about the artists and that feels nice.

I completely agree, that Void Soundsystem in the Globus room, is the most crystal clear system I've ever played on for sure! Berlin has a rich tapestry of DJ’s and many incredible womxn, arguably some of the best in the world, we’re big advocators of supporting queer women, female identified, Non-binary artists, are there any local up-and-coming Berlin based female / FI / NB artists from we should be check out?

I really like Jesse G. She runs the party Sieistguterjunge. A party for woman, lesbians, intersexuelles, non-binary and trans. The offer of good lesbian parties in Berlin is not so big and she and her friends are trying to do something different which is cool.

That sounds awesome, we'll def check out her and her party. You yourself are known for your eclecticism and creative music exploration, but what can we expect from your set with us on the 27th?

I really can’t say right now because it completely depends on the night. I always plan a bit before but mostly I decide spontaneously during my set

We'll we'll just have to wait and see then! We're super excited to have you atFèmmme Fraîche on Saturday 27th! Thanks for the interview and for those of you reading, there's a little taster mix from Natascha just below and don't forgot to follow her on her socials just underneath. And see you on the 27th!!!