Kasey Riot - Quick fire 5 for Friday

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Polish-Canadian, Queen of the Vacouver queer and fetish scene and Techno don Kasey Riot, is closing out our basement tomorrow night for our Fèmmme Fraîche Halloween spesh. Kasey is taking us on a Techno trip to finish up our final hour in the Dungeon of doom aka Dalston Superstore basement. We've done a little quick fire 5 with Kasey, to get a taster of her musical trick or treat goodie bag, before tonight’s party, to whet your whistle before the event and coax you down to the dark pit of doom with us for all Hallows eve. 

Q1. In 5 words, describe your music style.
‘A House And Techno Orgy’

Q2. What are your 5 fave songs right now?
1. The Gate feat. Innershades by Locked Groove

2. Plant 21 by La Fraicheur

.3. The Underground (Layton Giordani Remix) by Celeda

4. Daddy Is Home feat. Tiana (Harry Romero Extended Remix) by Gotta

5. B O D Y by Kettama

Q3. Who are your 5 fave female DJ's?
- Ellen Allien
Miss Kittin
Maya Jane Coles
Flava D

Q4. What's your top 5 record labels?
- Noir Music
- Homage
- Wet Trax
- InDeep’n’Dance

Q5 If you could take 5 items on a desert island? what would they be?
- hummous
- weed
- coconut water
- a soundsystem
- a boat to gtfo 

Thanks Kasey!!! So there you have it, quick fire five for Friday from Kasey Riot.



And catch her closing the basement 3-4am at this Saturday's Fèmmme Fraîche: https://www.facebook.com/events/539507479833380/