Fancy Shews - Host & Performer FF#16

Photo credit: Gavin Mills

Photo credit: Gavin Mills

Georgie Bee aka Fancy Shews is one of East London’s finest, fondest and fabulous Kweens. Winner of the prestigious Miss Sink The Pink drag in 2016, she’s a regular performer at many of our favourite queer haunts, with lewks to kill and killer moves, she’s one of our favourite female performers on the London scene and we’re super excited to have her perform as host at this Saturday’s Fèmmme Fraîche. We had a little chat with her to get the lowdown before she steals the show and your hearts this weekend.

photo credit: Pepo Fernández

photo credit: Pepo Fernández

Fancy Shews

Hi Georgie, thanks for having a chat with us and for coming to perform on Saturday, we’re super excited! So let’s start with your name. Picking an artist name or alias is so tricky, but Fancy Shews is fabulous, how did it come about?

I started using Fancy Shews because Georgie Bee (my actual name) is actually surprisingly common. I work as a shoe designer so ‘Fancy Shoes’ is something I say aloooot. A Fancy Shew is something I deem as desirable for an unexplained reason. It’s ugly, off trend, but just so right

It's a great name!! So let’s go back to the beginning, how did you first get into performing on the queer scene?

I have been in the queer scene since I moved here about ten years ago, but it was only in the past 2/3 years that I decided to put myself in the forefront rather than the background. I just started going to clubs and showing off more. People who don’t hold back are always noticed and pushed to the front. If you want to perform, I suggest feeling free

The terms ‘bio-queen’ ‘Faux queen’ or ‘diva queen’ seem to be bandied around a lot to describe Female Drag artists, do you embrace these terms? Or do you find them derogatory? And if so how do you like to define or describe yourself as a performer.

Not interested, they are exclusionary terms and also just another label to try and make out I’m something else.

I’m sure we could spend quite some time discussing RuPauls famous statements and thoughts about female queens, but what experiences have you had yourself as a female queen on the London scene? Is it welcoming and embracing of Female performers? or do similar opinions as that of RuPauls also resonate throughout?

Oh theres loads of people who think women can’t do something but I really don’t take a lot of notice. But for every person who says I can’t do it theres about 100 more people supporting me and enjoying what I offer. I concentrate on those people more!

Exactly! So what can we do to go about changing this old-fashioned opinions on Female Drag artists and performers?

People will always have something to say about what you’re doing if it’s different to the norm, best to embrace the fact that you’re making conversation happen and just carry on making people talk.E

Keep the conversatons alive and the support coming! and at Femmme Fraiche we’re all about female empowerment and supporting female artists, who are your other fave female performers on the scene we should be checking out?

I have my eye on Juniper Lai, shes been throwin some killer looks lately and has the energy that I love.

So let’s talk about your own killer looks, where do you get your inspiration and outfits?

Im really inspired by sex-workers. As the FOSTA/SESTA law has just passed in the US, they are at more risk than ever. They are the strongest women I know.

I think you can look amazing but if you don’t have a vibe then it’s not interesting. Always good to be inspired by energies as well as looks. Some other people that inspire me in general – Miss Rose Wood, Mouse, Will Powers, Christeene, Eartha Kitt, Kathy Burke and Catherine Tate

What can we expect from you on Saturday night?
A whole lot of sexy dancing!!!!

Amazing, we can't wait.. and finally where else can we usually see you performing regularly?

I host Savage at Metropolis once or twice a month. Dancing all night. And pole!

So there you have it, a small insight into the world of Fancy Shews aka Giorgie Bee. Make sure you catch her performing and playing host, upstairs in the bar of Dalston Superstore for this Saturday's Fèmmme Fraîche and follow her on her socials below