Claudia Mallart - Visual Artist FF#16


Claudia Mallart is Barcelona based visual artist. Her artistic medium ranges from photography, film, video installations, visuals, projection mapping, motion graphics and more. She studied photography and political science, and started out with a job in TV as part of the camera crew - this was the starting point in her creating stories together with other people. From TV she went on to working on movies, music videos and digital content, developing her technical knowledge and taking on creative roles . ‘‘I use visuals to create particular interactions between people, because stories always acquire meaning in a specific place and time. Some projects mediate an experience of the creator, and others of the audience.’’

We had a chat with Claudia, ahead of her providing visuals for our forthcoming Fèmmme Fraîche party



Hi Claudia, we’re very excited to have you as our second visual artist for Femmme Fraiche. So tell us a little about your work and creative background.

First at all I want to thank you for having me as a visual artist and your effort to promote this silent part of the show that we do. About my background and work, what can I say... Well, I’m a mixed media person and this is taking more and more power within my work. I have a strong technical background in the audio-visual field as I’ve worked in the film industry since I was nineteen.

You’re pretty versatile in the work that you do, but what are your favourite types of videos and visuals to work on? And what’s been your favourite project to date?

I can’t pick a favourite but instead I will tell you about the funniest shoot which was “Ancha esCastilla”, we had a blast shooting it and building that story as we were filming.

And as for fav type of videos, years ago talking with a friend we said that what we liked most was the video Remixes, understanding them as films where you use different technical skills while you shoot and edit, working with archive and new footage. It’s like shaking your knowledge and releasing a film. I think that’s the type of video that I like the most.

Where do you find the inspiration for your works?

Well recently I’m super fascinated with trying to find elements of nature that remind me of digital processes. For example, this image that is actually part of a new work that I’ll be presenting in a month, it’s just something that we could create using processing or find it in the nature.

So you and I first met when you were living in London, but you’ve since moved back to Barcelona, what visuals and videos have you been working on since your return to Spain?

I’ve been part of an awesome installation that we will be showcasing at SONAR this year. An installation that will be running every day during SONAR Day.

And next week I have a film that will be showed at Max Estrella Gallery, in Madrid, part of a landscape installation that we did at Mental Stones with the artists , you can check and have a little taste of it at Mental Stones.

They both are pretty experimental and My most recent work.

Does the work you produce in Spain differ from what you were working on in London?

In London I worked for a production company called CANADA and we opened the London division and I feel I took all the knowledge that such a big experience can give you and I’m applying it to more artistic and less commercial avenues. So it feels very different.

I’ve also started to create more material work, I’m needing to feel more with my hand and less with my laptop.

What do you have in store for us at Femmme Fraiche on Saturday?

I wanted to create something new using old works. That evening it’s my birthday so I wanted to do something fun, colourful and upbeat. But as we say in Spain “una imagen vale más que mil palabras” an image is better than a thousand words.

Where else can we view your work?

On my website or vimeo.And I just reopened my Instagram account where I will be posting little bit more of my recent works.It’s crazy but this is almost the hardest part - to archive everything properly!!

True that, well there you have it, we're looking forward to Claudia's visuals on Saturday and don't forget to support her on her socials below



Michelle Manetti