Tenderfoot Guest 04 - Claudia Kane


Our mothership Dalston Supertore has started a new weekly party - every Tuesday ‘Tenderfoot’ hosts one of the Dalston Supertore residents, and asks them to invite a fresh up-and-coming DJ to join then each week for a month. Throughout March our resident promoter Michelle Manetti takes the helm. Michelle’s final guest coming up on Tuesday 26th March is Claudia Kane, a Singer, Songwriter and Producer who recently added the DJ string to her musical bow, Tuesday will be her debut DJ set. Known as a trip-popstress, she’s bringing some alternative vibes to Tenderfoot. We asked Claudia to compile a playlist for us for our Friday Feels series, to give us a taster of what we can expect on Tuesday, and had a quick Q&A sesh, to get the lowdown on her DJ career so far.



Hi Claudia. First up, really loving the playlist! thank you for that, and thanks for having a chat with us, so let's start at the beginning, when did you first start DJ-ing?

About three months ago.

and what was it that first inspired you to take to the decks?

I’ve been a writer and a producer for a while and started off as a singer, using live instruments and midi controllers a lot for my sets. I've always wanted to learn to DJ so this has evolved organically as the next step for me.

Sounds like a great reason to get into DJ-ing, so where would you like to see your DJ career take you?

I’m not too sure yet, I suppose I should probably get my first set out the way first, see how I get on, then I’ll be able to let you in on some of my DJ aspirations.

So as well as DJ-ing and producing, we hear you’re a vocalist and just released a new song, tell us a little about this.

Yes I am and yes I have, I released a new song called ‘Under My Skin’, It’s been three years since my last release, but this song was used in the film ‘A simple favor’, so I decided to make the song available to purchase and stream.

Amazing, we're a big fans of the track! and for anyone interested you can stream or buy HERE. So finally what musical treats can we expect from you on Tuesday?

Some electro-clash, new wave, synth-pop & post-punk

Amazing, so there you have it, check out claudia's Friday Feels spotify playlist at the bottom and follow her on her socials below ,make sure you give her song a whirl and come down this Tuesday 26th March to catch her set