Marie Malarie - Quick fire 5 for Friday


Polish-born, Homodrop resident and Vinyl aficionado Marie Malarie, is joining us at this Saturdays Fèmmme Fraîche International Women's day spesh. Marie is stepping in for our resident Sandra Le (who's off being glamorous abroad) and she'll be warming up things in the basement, to get the party bubblin' and banging. We've done a little quick fire 5 with Marie, to get a taster of her musical goodie bag, before Saturday's party, to whet your whistle before the event and coax you down to the dark basement with us. 

I. In 5 words, describe your music style.
‘Everything that makes me high.’

II. What are your 5 fave songs right now?
'There is an infinite amount of great music out there and it’s impossible to choose the most favourite tune. I will just share a few tracks that I was listening to lately quite often.

1 - TB - Invitation To Love
Nice acid-ish Twin Peaks theme version

2 - O.utlier - Eastbound
I really like that guy.

3 - De Ambassade - Geen Genade
Sad new wave track. That's what I like.

4 - C.A.R. - PRISM
Track from the newest album of C.A.R. Good stuff.

5 - No More - Suicide Commando
Classic. Very uplifting, I know.'

III. Who are your 5 fave female DJ's?
Don’t have TOP 5 but there are a few who inspired me a lot

1. Lena Wilikens
When I'm listening to her mixes I suddenly find myself somewhere in the middle of unknown, undiscovered and misterious land. Such a great selector.

One of the guests at last Chapter 10. She totally smashed it dropping some gabber. Master of mixing.

3. 239EF
I'm a big fan of their selection. Totally weird and fucked up stuff. I highly recommend their show on NTS

4. Debonair
I love the way she mixes. Oscilating between different genres she always makes her sets surprising.

5. Oramics DJS
There are so many female DJ collectives worthy of mention. One of them is Oramics - a cooperation of three gals from Poland: ISNT, FOQL and VTSS who bring new talents on board and promote female/non-binary/lgbt artists.'

IV. What's your top 5 record labels?
Again, no faves per say, that's a hard task but let’s pick randomly: Raw Culture, CPU records, Dark Entries, Northern Electronics and Ilian Tapes

V. If you could take 5 items on a desert island? what would they be?
A guitar, a set of spare strings, a big soap bar, inflatable arm rings to come back after some time and a photo of my Mom when she was young.

And catch her warming up the basement 10-11.30 at this Saturday's Fèmmme Fraîche: