Eliza Rose - Fraîche Talent DJ FF#17

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We're delighted to introduce to you, the gorgeous, soulful spinstress Eliza Rose. Our third DJ competition winner, part of the Rhythm Sister collective and an incredible DJ in her own right, with a superb musical collection and impeccable taste, as well as also being (as we just discovered) a super talented jazz soul singer (go check out her vocals on soundcloud HERE).  We had a quick chat with Eliza Rose before her set with us at Fèmmme Fraîche #17 on June 30th. 

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Hi Eliza, congrats on winning our DJ competition! we're loving your vibes and super excited to have you play. So let's start at the beginning, When did you first start DJing?

About 3 years ago

What inspired you to take to the decks?

I started working in a record shop when I was 15, I was working there for on and off for about 10 years. I didn’t really collect records until a few years into working there, apart from maybe the odd Rnb track or Ukg record. But after a few years working at Flashback I began to buy soul 7s and then the record addiction just escalated from there, spanning all genres. After awhile I just thought I’ve got all these amazing songs why not share them.

Well music is to be shared afterall! Would seem rude not to I say. Ok so tell us a little about your journey so far.

I actually started my 'musical journey’ as a soul/jazz singer and the artists that influenced me then, of course still inspire my taste in music and the records I play out now. Even with electronic music, I’m sucker for good ol’ vocal or anything with a little funk and soul which I’d say has always been my style

Interestingly, a lot of female DJ's I know (myself included) first started out as vocalists and moved over to DJ-ing seems to be a common transition. So tell us what's been your highlight gig until now?

Probably playing Glasto with Rhythm sister, I didn’t play for very long but it was eye opening for me for to get a taste of what could be.

That sounds a lot of fun! So where would you like to see your DJ career take you in the future?

Ive started a night with my friend DJ Faro called Freshly Squeezed and id like to see that do well and I guess just more opportunities to find and share music on larger platforms

Nice, well we hope you have fun sharing your music with us on Saturday, What can we expect from your set?

A slice of my soul ;)

Lush! Can't ask for more than that, we can't wait to hear!. Check out Eliza's winning mix below, and don't forget to follow her socials below ↓↓↓↓↓ to show your support