Bloss Lloyd - Host & Performer FF#23


By day Bloss Lloyd is a primary school teacher, but by night she’s a colour performer extraordinaire. A background in Classical ballet and Musical Theatre, she’s performed with the Mythical Menagerie for festivals and events such as Pop Brixton, Leefest- The Neverland, at Morning Gloryville, Rumpus, Wonderland and more. We met at Dollar Baby, with her looking larger than life and instantly asked her to come and perform. We had a quick chat with her to get the lowdown on balancing life as a teacher and performer, before she comes to join us at this Saturdays  Fèmmme Fraîche.



Hi Bloss, thanks for having a chat with us and for coming to perform at our next Fèmmme Fraîche event, we’re super excited to have you! So let’s start at the beginning, tell us a little about your ballet and musical theatre background?

I’m so excited to be coming! Ever since I was tiny I was always dressing up and showing off. As a tiny human it was strict classical ballet exams and technique, seamed tights and pointe shoes. As a teenager, I was more into musical theatre and then when I moved to London from Australia, I took it more into the walkabout performance and club scene. Party and perform! All the difference aspects gave me a good grounding in dance technique and confidence.

An all rounder then, so tell us a little about the Mythical Menagerie you're part of and how you came to be involved?

The Mythical Menagerie is a collective of performers and entertainers. There are not just unicorns but mermaids, phoenixes, goblins, fairies - basically any mythical you can think of! We collaborate, share jobs opportunities and information with each other. I’ve met some incredible people through it.

That souns like a pretty fun group to be part of! So now tell us, what’s been your favourite event to perform at so far and why?

I think the craziest was one time I was flown to rural Sweden to dance at a Lorry convention, on the back of a lorry alongside stalls for mud flaps and snow guards. We were with a famous Swedish talk show host and magician, alongside the Rednex singing ‘Cotton Eyed Joe’ in Swedish, Norwegian and then Swedish again. Surreal.

Yep that souns like quite surreal indeed! Now by day you’re a primary school teacher, how do you find juggling that with your performance persona?

They do use a lot of the same skills to be honest. Teaching you are also performing. Dance, constant smiles and laughs, super bubbly and happy personality, an ability to think on your feet and make fun of yourself. Perhaps the costumes are a little different though.

Ha, although I'm sure the kids would love a teacher who dressed as a unicorn! So tell us a little about your looks then and costumes, where do you get them and what inspires them?

I swap between mermaid, phoenix and unicorn. My mermaid and unicorn costumes are super cute and cartoon-like. Basically what a 5 year old super girlie girl, hopped up on candy floss and skittles would choose if let run wild! I just choose whatever makes me happy and go as OTT as possible! My phoenix is a lot darker; a red and black full feathered two piece with feathered Mohawk and a LED fire light whip. Super fun to play with and it looks amazing at night.

Ooooh I love the sound of the dark side, but the skittles popping candy girl sounds super fun too! o of course here at Femmme Fraiche and we do our best to support and create a platform for woman artists, so tell us who are your other fave female / female identified / Non binary performers on the scene we should check out?

Tete Bang is always incredible and one of the nicest girls around. Such a warm vibe. Bambi Blue is another gorgeous and sweet burlesque girl. Her feathers are absolutely to die for! And Katrina Louise is redhead goals. Her performance and acro work is incredible.

We Love Tete she's fab and will defo have to check out the other! So what can we expect from you on June 29th?

Sassy, rainbow, glitter covered, giggling unicorn wearing silly shoes and stupidly high cut leotard.

Yass that sounds amazing!! we can't wait, and so finally where else can we usually see you performing regularly?

At the moment nowhere regular. Jobs flood in then can go quieter but I’m always out and about at events.

Amazing, well we're super happy to have you along this Saturday at Dalston Superstore for our next Fèmmme Fraîche Don't follow Bloss on her socials below